spider vein removal uk

spider vein removal uk

IPL is a long-term solution to unsightly vascular concerns. Effective in the treatment of red flushing, thread veins, and red spots. Sclerotherapy is also effective for areas on the body (a post garment is worn in this case)

IPL works to treat thread veins by firing short bursts of light of different wavelengths onto the affected area. This light is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the thread veins causing those blood vessels damage. Eventually, the veins break down and are reabsorbed by the body.

Red veins/ Rosacea Treatment Solution’s

  • Reduce overall facial redness and blushing?
  • Be rid of embarrassing broken veins or red spots!
  • Control flare-ups of Rosacea


Redness, red veins, and rosacea are a common problem seen a lot, particularly in Celtic fair skins. These ‘spider’ like veins are common on areas such as the cheeks, nose, and legs, whilst they are in no way life-threatening, they are usually noticeable and can cause clients to feel self-conscious. The tiny fine veins that can be seen through the skin are red in color and the larger ones are purplish.

Telangiectasia also known as ‘Spider Veins’ are small clusters of red or blue veins, they can appear on both the legs and face and can occur in healthy people or as a result of an underlying illness.

Telangiectasia is a common skin condition that usually affects clients in their 40s, 50’s and 60’s. The condition is where widened blood vessels cause threadlike red lines or patterns on the skin, these lines usually appear slowly over a period of time and usually in small clusters.

Results vary from client to client depending on the size and location of the Spider Vein. Clients will notice results immediately, though they will need more than one treatment to achieve optimal results.

How did I get them?

These small veins are present in everyone but are not normally visible until they expand and show through the skin. There are various reasons why they become more visible – one of these can be too much sun over the years, another is pregnancy. They may also be an inherited problem, being more obvious after mid-life because the skin has become thinner and some of the underskin layers are absorbed during later life with the veins becoming more obviously exposed. This problem often runs in families or may develop following an injury to the leg.

How does the laser treatment work?

Sensitive lasers are used to target and break down the unwanted red veins through a process called photothermolysis. The laser is administered in short bursts to avoid harming the skin.


spider vein removal uk


spider vein removal uk


What causes Telangiectasia?

Telangiectasia is a common sign of aging. As we age the collagen in our skin begins to break down causing the skin to become thinner and veins to appear more visible. There are a number of environmental factors that can influence the appearance of spider veins such as sun damage or exposure to cold temperatures. Lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking can also accentuate their appearance, whilst hormones and genetics can also play a role.

Can I prevent Telangiectasia / Spider Veins?

There are a number of environmental and lifestyle factors that influence Telangiectasia. Leading a healthy balanced lifestyle, avoiding smoking and drinking can be taken as preventative measures. Also wearing an SPF on a daily basis and following a skincare routine incorporating a hydrator will improve skin’s appearance.

Is the procedure safe?

Yes, our Lynton medical laser is completely safe to use on a wide variety of skin types with minimal downtime. Prior to treatment, you will have a consultation and a patch test to ensure treatment is suitable for you.

How Can Skin n Tonic Aesthetics help?

During an initial consultation, we will analyze your skin and discuss your concerns and decide on the best course of treatment for you.

How much is a consultation?

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A consultation is £25 which is redeemable against the treatment.

Any Aftercare I should follow?

Avoid any heat treatments on the face such as saunas for 24 hours. After treatment, you will have to protect your skin with a high SPF.


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