Skin Boosters and the Benefits They Bring

Skin Boosters

We all know how our skin is fresh, dewy, and soft when young, but with the increasing age, it starts to deplete. Have you ever thought, why does this happen?

The human skin naturally consists of a substance called Hyaluronic Acid (HA). This gel-like substance gives your skin hydration and a fresher appearance, but with increasing age, this starts depleting, causing wrinkles and fine lines to occur.

Some people do not like this appearance, and while aging is a natural phenomenon and you can’t stop it, there might be something other than your anti-aging creams, which might slow down the process—interested to find out what? Then hop on below.

What are Skin Boosters?

While applying moisturizer might give your skin a bouncy texture and fresher appearance, the skin boosters take your freshness game one step ahead.

The skin boosters are microneedle injections of Hyaluronic Acid. These gel-like substances give your skin moisture but deplete with increasing age. Hence the skin booster injections help restore the lost moisture.

The treatment reduces the dry textured and dehydrated skin you developed and gives your facial skin a more radiant, elastic, and firm appearance.

What are the Various Types of Skin Boosters?

Similar to how all skin types are not the same, the kind of skin booster for every skin will be different. Hence, when consulting a dermatologist or an aesthetician, they will formulate a bespoke plan with you.

This will ease your nerves down and help you understand the type of treatment you are getting clearer. If you are someone who wants to get a skin booster treatment done but aren’t aware of the basics. Worry not.

Here we have listed various types of skin boosters which will work wonders for you.

  1. Profhilo

The Profhilo is the new kid on the block, which everyone thinks is very cool. While it is like all other skin boosters, this particular gel-moisturizer holds some qualities that make it stand out.

It is an injectable hyaluronic gel that stimulates dermal cells’ activity. The gel-based formulation stimulates the skin cell receptors and improves skin laxity by providing more firmness and hydration.

However, that is not all it does. Profhilo, while is a fantastic technique to boost hydration and achieve firmness by filling out the fine lines, this particular treatment also helps to remodel aging and sagging tissues within your face and neck region.

  1. Restylane

If you visit any skin specialist or dermatology specialist, they are most likely to take the name of this treatment in your choice of options.

This is because Restylane is a treatment that works fine on all skin types and ages. The treatment is exceptionally beneficial because it includes the use of microneedles which inject a unique form of Hyaluronic Acid into the skin.

The gel-based formulation uses derma fill methodology and, when injected, helps the skin regain a noticeably smooth and elastic appearance in the face and neck region.

Restylane is an excellent method to achieve deep-skin hydration and make your aging skin appear fresh and radiant for up to 6 months.

  1. Juvederm Volite

The Juvederm Volite is yet another unique and innovative injectable treatment that improves skin quality for up to 9 months.

The methodology isn’t like a derma fill and is based on the Hyaluronic acid gel treatment. The needle crosses many sites in the skin, and the gel-based formulation is released right into the dermis to provide deep nourishment.

The Juvederm Volatile shows exceptional results and gives your skin a plumper and hydrated appearance.

  1. Belotero Revive

A glow-y and fresh skin is what everyone loves; however, with increasing age and harsh environmental conditions, maintaining this dreamy skin can be hard.

Add it with facial redness and acne, and you have a dreaded nightmare. However, do you know that one injectable treatment might solve all your issues?

Yes, Belotero Revive is what might be the answer to your dehydrated and acne-prone skin problem. This injectable treatment method is a clinically proven dermal filler. The gel-based injectable solution contains a unique formulation of Hyaluronic acid and glycerol.

The Revive formulation by Belotero is specifically designed to meet the demands of what people in today’s world look for – reduced signs of early aging and natural-looking skin.

Moreover, it will reduce the photodamage and give your skin a firmer, hydrated, and elastic look.

Benefits of Skin Boosters

If the above types and how they tend to give you a fresher appearance intrigued you, we are sure you will like to know about some of the other benefits too.

  • Tighter and lifted skin – giving a younger appearance
  • A radiant complexion and healthier skin tone
  • Reduces the patchy pigment appearances which were present before

Where Can I Get Some Amazing Skin Boosters?

If you are looking for some great skin boosters, we suggest you check Skin N Tonic. We specialize in skin boosters available for everyone and work great on many skin types.

Some of our most fantastic skin boosters are:

Sunekos Skin Boosters: This skin booster gives a natural effect while simultaneously reducing the signs of aging. The biological effect makes your face look splendid, and the wrinkles go away as if they were never there.

Jalupro Skin Boosters: The Hyaluronic Formation and the tendency to remove wrinkles and age from your face make these skin boosters great options.

Moreover, there are many other options, and if you search for one, then Skin N Tonic Aesthetics will find the best skin booster for you.


These were some of the best skin boosters that work wonders for most skin types. However, before making any significant decisions about your skin or appearance, it is always best to consult a specialist.

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