permanent makeup eyebrows


Permanent makeup eyebrows are permanent, which means they will last a long time. They can be applied to the entire eyebrow or just over the natural arch of your brows. This is an excellent procedure for anyone who has lost their eyebrows due to chemotherapy or other reasons and would like them back again. It also offers many benefits for people with thin, sparse, or over-plucked eyebrows that might need fuller-looking brows. Permanent makeup eyebrow procedures are not permanent enough to withstand some circumstances such as swimming in chlorinated water so you may want to research this before getting permanent makeup on your eyelids and lashes did at the same time.

A powder brow is a form of semi-permanent makeup, performed with a tattoo machine. Powder brows mimick the look of lightly dusted, powdered makeup on the eyebrows. Powder brows are more suited to oily skin types rather than microblading. This gives a fuller look than the microblading too. 

Semi-permanent eyebrows are for anyone and everyone, whether you’re 18 or 80, have no hair or just want to enhance what you already have.

Your brows frame your face giving you a more youthful look, so if you want natural-looking eyebrows or a more ‘WOW’ brow I can create beautiful flawless brows bespoke to you.

Every appointment offers a full and detailed consultation before any pigment is put into the skin. Your likes and dislikes will be taken into consideration when it comes to the brow shape as well as a full-colour match to ensure your brows look as natural and as perfect as possible.

Powder brows are for anyone who is fed up withdrawing on their brows every day and struggling to make them look even and natural. It is a treatment for people who are wanting natural results and more defined brows on a more permanent basis and don’t want to spend hours trying to create brows they are happy with. This includes anyone with sparse, over-plucked, uneven or simply misshapen brows. We also frequently treat clients who suffer from medical conditions such as alopecia which affects their brows. Clients may have lost the hair or they may find hair has thinned and in these cases, powder brows can totally transform their face instantly and give them their confidence back.

Our Powder Brow Treatment Edinburgh is split into two separate appointments which are spaced 4-6 weeks apart. The reason you need to come back after this duration is that your skin needs time to heal – during the healing process some of the pigment may be pushed out of the skin naturally and your second appointment will ensure that we can correct any changes and make sure you leave with your desired result.

  permanent makeup eyebrows

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£189 includes consultation, patch test without a top-up appointment

£300 includes consultation, patch test and top up appointment

Powder Brows  FAQ’s

Who is NOT a suitable candidate for Powder Brows?

1- Pregnant Or Breastfeeding

2 -Keloid Scars we do not want to touch keloids because they may have scar tissue built up beneath the skin and do not want to take that risk of cutting that area of the skin.

3 -Autoimmune Diseases -Due to your compromised skin health.

4- On Blood Thinner Or Have Bleeding Disorders. Pinpoint bleeding is normal, whereas excessive bleeding is not. If you are on blood thinners this could allow you to bleed too much which will make it more difficult to implant the pigment into the skin. The pigment will be pushed out and the microblading process will be very difficult to achieve.

5- Accutane Within the last year extremely thins the top layer of your skin. We want your skin to be at its normal healthy self during tattooing and also so it can heal properly.

6- If you’ve gotten botox near your brow area it is best to wait 2 weeks before getting microblading because that is when the injected substances have fully settled on the facial muscles.

7- Stop Retinol/Retina 1 Week Prior. If used too close to the procedure date then this may allow your brows to fade quicker which we do not want!

8- Sunburnt Or Have Dermatitis. You must be completely healed from both of these before your appointment because if not then your skin will flake, resulting in loss of pigment from tattooing.

9- Allergic To Nickel, Lidocaine, Epinephrine. We use a tiny blade made of nickel that cuts the skin so we do not want you having an allergic reaction during the procedure. Also, the numbing agents we use contain both lidocaine and epinephrine so we do not want you having a reaction to these either.

10- Trichotillomania  (the compulsive pulling of body hair) can causes scar tissue in the skin to be prominent, which does not allow the colour to heal properly.



– Diabetic: Your brows may heal slower and may be more at risk for infection.

– Had chemotherapy within the last year: Your immune system is compromised.

–Taking seizure or other medication: Many medications have effects on the body so you will want to ask your doctor to make sure this is safe for you.

I have had permanent makeup done before but I would like to change the shape and colour?

Previous Permanent Makeup – People who have previously had permanent makeup may want to change or fix what they have previously had done. Clients may have to consider laser removal prior to a procedure or ask the artist if they can work with their existing permanent makeup to incorporate the old design and colours into the new one.  Always disclose if you’ve had previous permanent makeup so the artist can treat you accordingly.

How long does the appointment take?

All tattoo procedures require strict aftercare to be followed to ensure your treatment is as effective as it can be. Semi-permanent make up brow appointments can last anywhere from 1- 1.5 hours depending on the client and the look they are wanting to achieve. As this gives long-lasting results we want to make sure we get it right for our clients and so we take time and care not to rush.

Does it hurt?

Whilst some discomfort and minimal pain can be felt, we take measures to ensure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible and will numb the treatment area before the procedure.  However, discomfort and pain are totally individual to the client and many of our clients have experienced very little to no pain during this procedure.

How long do permanent makeup eyebrows last?

Your new brows can last anywhere between 12- 24 months as long as you follow all your aftercare. Depending on how you want your brows to look, top-up appointments can be booked from as soon as 6 months up to 2 years.

When will I see the results of my powder brows treatment?

Immediately. Your new brows will be immediately noticeable, however, often at the very start, the colour is much darker than it fades over the coming weeks. Complete healing can take anything between 2-14 days and when you come back for your second appointment in 6 weeks we can correct any colour changes or lost pigment that has gone in the healing process

What aftercare do I need to consider?