Best Dermal Lip Fillers Services in Edinburgh

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From HD Lips to Doll Lips and the super popular Russian Lips, Skin n Tonic will leave you with lips you love!

Quality Dermal Lip Fillers

Whether you already have full lips and simply want to enhance them further or you’ve got thinner lips and have always dreamed of a fuller and more perfect pout, dermal lip fillers could be the treatment for you!

Best Fillers on the Market

At Skin n Tonic, we like to make sure that our clinic is offering the best possible treatments by using the best possible products and latest lip filler technology. This is why we only offer the highest quality dermal lip fillers on the market.

Currently, the best lip fillers on offer are Juvederm, Teosyal, and the Perfectha range. We only use tried and tested lip fillers to make sure you leave with exactly the look you’ve been dreaming of.

Advantages of Lip Fillers:

Whether you’re looking to give your mouth and lips more definition, or you want to give your face a bit more symmetry, there a whole number of great cosmetic reasons to give quality lip fillers a try including:

• Erasing Smoker’s Lines
• Creating Definition to the Cupid’s Bow and Lip Border Areas
• Giving Natural, Long-Lasting Volume to your Lips.
• Creating Beautiful Plump Lips
• Achieving Better Symmetry to the Lips and Face
• Building up Thin Lips
• And of course… Giving a Sexy Pout!

Worried about the Results?

For many people, the fear of how your lips will set after having lip fillers puts them off the idea entirely. If you’re feeling unsure or uncertain around the process, then the Cinderella Lip Treatment sounds like the solution for you!

This simple treatment will enable you to have a semi-permanent lip enhancement using a smaller injection of saline into the lips. This has been designed and tested to give you a perfect pout for up to 24-hours. The Cinderella Treatment is absolutely ideal for a night out, a special occasion, or to use as a bit of a temporary trial to see what you would look like with fuller lips.

Lip Filler Prices

When it comes to booking our lip filler treatment services, we always include an initial consultation to go through exactly what you want, and to make sure dermal lip fillers are a match for you! At this point we take a £25 deposit.

Price: £150
A more subtle lip enhancement with a slightly noticeable volume increase and more definition to the lips. For more noticeable volume choose the ‘Glam’ option!

Price: £225
Much more noticeable volume and definition in both upper and lower lips.

Price: £250
The Russian Lip technique is designed to totally reconstruct the vertical anatomy of the lip.
It gives more lift at the front, whilst making lips look flatter and more defined from the side. The bottom lip will also look flatter with more product-focused in the centre of the lip, in order to drop it.
The Russian Lip filler treatment can only be done on virgin lips or lips with little amount of filler left. The process takes a little longer to complete compared to other treatments, as it cannot be achieved with less than 1ml of lip filler.


Price: £50

Get a glimpse of what your lips will look like fuller. Treatment lasts up to 24 hours. Perfect for nights out, special occasions, or a temporary try at lip filler life.

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Price: £400

Save £££s on individual price! Don’t miss this special package of 2 areas of Anti-Wrinkle Injections and 1ml of Perfectha Dermal Filler.

Price: £450

Save £35 on individual price! Don’t miss this special package of 3 areas of Anti-Wrinkle Injections and 1ml Perfectha of Dermal Filler

Price: From £150

Corrective treatment using Hyalase to dissolve the unwanted dermal filler. Book a consultation for further advice.

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