Different Methods of having a Beautiful and Contoured Body

Brazilian Bum Lift

Everything is posted on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. It caused different beauty standards for people to follow. Both men and women all around the world are now moving towards Non Surgical treatments in which they can enhance the features of their bodies.

Previously women wanted a more contoured stomach and belly, but now there is an increasing demand for a lifted bum, better known as a Brazilian Bum Lift.

Body contouring is a procedure through which the excess fat is removed from the body. Our body naturally has some fat deposition; however, sometimes, there can be pockets of extra fat on the body. Other than fat, cellulite is a condition that most women want to target too.

It can become challenging to get rid of stubborn fat through exercise and diets. These procedures and treatments come into can target these areas and give clients body confidence!


Here are some of the methods we use at Skin N Tonic Aesthetics.


1. Lipo Dissolving Injections:

Lipo dissolving injections are now the most popular option for fat removal we offer at our clinic. The results are seen the quickest and we use cavitation on the body areas for a double whammy! It is a minimally invasive procedure in which injections are inserted into the subcutaneous layer of the skin.

Other than this the 3D Lipo method is also a great approach.

2. Cryolipolysis:

Commonly known by the name of fat freezing. The fat cells are frozen to -7 degrees and this causes severe damage to the fat cells. After the damage to the fat cells, this activates the body’s natural immune system. It causes the invasion of macrophages and white blood cells, which causes the destruction of the fatty cells. Then the body naturally removes the fatty cells from the body through lymphatic drainage.

However, you need to do the regular session in order to see the excellent result. About 30% of the fat is removed per session. Hence, you will see a gradual difference in your body structure.


3. Radio Frequency:

Radio Frequency Fat Melting. It is also a very straightforward and pain-free procedure. In this, the radio frequency waves use thermal energy in order to remove the fat.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening helps to smooth cellulite in the skin and improves the texture of the skin by stimulating the production of collagen fibers and making it plumped and firm.



If you are looking for a method to lose inches then Cavitation should be one of your options. Cavitation works on low-frequency ultrasound. These frequency waves are powerful, so the fatty cells cannot withstand the shock waves and the lipids within the cells are released. An analogy we use is if you imagine the fat cell the size of a grape to be reduced to the size of a raisin!



Having a contoured and structured body is a dream of everyone.

If you are trying to look for a place that can help you feel fantastic and have an attractive body. you can contact SKIN ‘N’ TONIC AESTHETICS. We are the number one choice for all these treatments and much more besides. Nurse practitioner, Amalie will give a full consultation and a bespoke treatment plan to get the results you want.

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