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Skin Peels are a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that rejuvenates and revitalises skin without the use of injections or surgery. We offer a full consultation and skin analysis prior to any peels and we advise on prepping the skin with one of our specific homecare kits 2 weeks prior. With all our Mesoesthetic peels you will need to prep the skin for 2 weeks prior. However, we also offer Cosmopro superficial peels, that do not require prep.

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At  Skin n Tonic Aesthetics we offer a wide range of Mesoesthetic skin peels to suit every skin type and need. If you prefer less downtime then we can use a mild peel whilst still giving you amazing results. If you want more dramatic results or have skin concerns such as acne scarring or pigmentation and don’t mind 3-4 days downtime with skin peeling, then the we have many types of specific peels is for you.

Book in for a free consultation and skin assessment with one of our expert team to find out which peel is right for you.

Following are just some of the predictable results you can expect from one of our Mesoesthetic peels :
• Improve the overall tone and texture of your skin
• Lighten and brighten your skin
• Remove or reduce sun damage and age spots
• Reduce pore size and soften fine lines and wrinkles
• Reduce Hyperpigmentation and acne scars
• Improve acne skin conditions and melasma
• Stimulate the production of collagen resulting in firmer skin
• Slow down the aging process and prevent wrinkles


What is a Skin Peel?

At Skin n Tonic Aesthetics we offer a wide range of skin peels what ever your concern! Peels are an incredibly popular treatment as results can be seen immediately and leave skin looking smooth and radiant. A Peel Treatment works by removing dead skin cells, encouraging cellular renewal as well as collagen production. Often products that we buy in stores will make skin appear smooth and soft however the product will only reach the top layer of the skin. When a skin peel is applied it essentially removes the top layer of skin, and reveals the smoother new skin that lies beneath.


Skin Peels deliver visible results after just one session with clients noticing their skin feeling softer and appearing smooth and glowing. A course of 3 to 6 treatments is usually recommended depending on the skin type and condition.

Skin Peel FAQ’s

How will I know what Skin Peel is right for me?

Prior to your treatment you will have a consultation with a Skin n Tonic aesthetics  Practitioner. During this consultation you will be able to discuss your concerns and what you are hoping to achieve from treatment. We will carry out a skin analysis to determine the best treatment for you.

How long does a Skin Peel treatment take?

The length of time a Skin Peel takes is dependent on the skin type and condition as some Peels may be left on the surface of the skin longer than others.

Are Skin Peels safe?

Peels are used worldwide on a daily basis and are safe to use on the skin.

Are there any risks or side effects?

A Skin Peel is not painful however clients may experience a mild stinging sensation or some discomfort throughout treatment it is therefore important to communicate with your Practitioner any sensations or if you are feeling uncomfortable.

  • The face can be pink after the solution is removed and on occasion there may be a faintish white discolouration in some areas or a blotchy appearance to the skin that usually fades within a couple of hours.
  • In the week following treatment skin will begin to ‘peel’ this is normally a light shedding of the skin to reveal fresh renewed skin underneath. Some peels will have no shedding of skin.
  • Some patients do not experience any visible peeling off of the skin after treatment, but the treatment still has a beneficial effect like a very good exfoliation.
  • Redness is one of the most common side effects of a Skin Peel. This usually subsides within 24- 48 hours though after a medium strength peel redness can last several months.
  • Skin may have faint white discolouration in some areas after treatment however this usually subsides within a few hours.
  • Peeling and itchiness are also a common side effect that will occur in the week following treatment. Skin will begin to flake away from the treatment area, this is completely normal, however some clients may find the skin also itches.
  • A Skin Peel can cause skin to change colour. It may become darker (Hyper-pigmentation) or lighter (hypo-pigmentation). Hyper-pigmentation is common with superficial peels. Hypo-pigmentation is common after a deep peel. Changes to skin colour are more common in those with darker skin. Thats why it is important to visit us for a consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A glycolic based peel in various strengths used for the treatment of active acne , this treatment takes around 30 minutes and results can be seen from just one treatment 24/48 hours after. A lower strength peel will be used on the first treatment and this can be increased if tolerated well on further treatments, this peel is anti inflammatory and anti bacterial and reduces redness and inflammation on the skin. The treatment is not painful however can be slightly uncomfortable and feel itchy.


Peel targeted to reduce and improve pigmentation and age spots on the skin. Courses are recommended and this treatment works well in combination with the vitamin microneedling facials. This treatment is not painful, however can be slightly uncomfortable and feel itchy on the skin, redness is expected after the treatment for 24/48 hours.


A peel designed for total skin rejuvenation, good for sun damaged ageing skin and also normal skin types that need freshening up. This treatment is not painful, however can be slightly uncomfortable and feel itchy on the skin , redness is expected after the treatment for 24/48 hours. Courses recommended for optimum results.